Welcome to Simple Organising Solutions.

Hello and welcome!

I’m Lisa Roderick from Simple Organising Solutions. We provide Professional Organiser services to clients in Melbourne, Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast.

I’ll be blogging here on a regular basis, providing some tips to help you get organised and stay that way! If you have any organising questions you’d like answered, feel free to post your query in the comments, and I’ll answer ASAP.

Now to our first organising topic: Christmas!  The shops are full of trees and decorations and I’m sure it won’t be long before we’re hearing Carols in the supermarket. How does that make you feel? Does the very idea of Christmas send you into a tailspin? Are you dreading all the hassle of shopping and food preparation? Or are you a lover of all things Yuletide?

Christmas can be a stressful time for many people. One way to make it less angst-ridden is to start planning early. At the moment there are still seven weeks until the big day. Plenty of time to plan, shop and prepare if we start NOW!

This is the week to start writing Christmas To Do lists. Tonight I’m composing my Christmas Card List (yes, I still send them!) and my Christmas shopping list. I keep all my Christmas lists together in one notebook, which is stored in my handbag. That way I’m always prepared when I’m out shopping.

Happy list writing!


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5 Responses to Welcome to Simple Organising Solutions.

  1. mimbles says:

    Hello! 🙂

    I’ve started thinking about writing lists, does that count? Oh, and we asked the kids what they want from Santa, they all came up with things we’re not willing to fork out for. Yep, I’m so doomed.

  2. Lisa says:

    Thinking about it is the first step, Mimbles! Our kids also have a somewhat unrealistic idea of of Santa’s generosity, so I have had to do some “steering” towards more appropriate choices. Fortunately we have two who are post Santa and the little one is easy to jolly along!

  3. rose says:

    great site lisa!
    Ive got the xmas gift list app on the iphone, its great, works out a budget for each person and everything

  4. mimbles says:

    Heh, we’re all post-Santa, they’re just operating on the it can’t hurt to ask principle 🙂

  5. Lisa says:

    That’s great, Rose. I use a notebook (paper) and a spreadsheetto keep within budget, but I can see how the phone app would make it REALLY simple.

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