Christmas Lists

How are the Christmas lists coming? Thanks to Rose for her comment on the previous post. Rose alerted me to the iphone app that allows you to create Christmas lists. Apparently you can even include a budget for each person on your list. Fantastic!

These days there are lots of fantastic ways to create lists. I use two spreadsheets to keep track of my gift buying – one for my immediate family and one for everyone else. This helps me to keep track of how much I’ve spent, and also gives me a record to keep stored on my computer so I can remember what I bought last year. Nothing worse than giving the same present two years in a row!

There’s no need to get too complicated with lists, though. The idea is to create something that makes life easier for you. If the idea of filling in spreadsheets or downloading apps seems like way too much trouble, there’s nothing wrong with the old notepad and pen.

This week I’ve made my present list and updated my Christmas Card list. How about you?


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2 Responses to Christmas Lists

  1. mimbles says:

    Why the blazes haven’t I thought of that before now? I use spreadsheets for all sorts of other household planning. You may well have just transformed my Christmas shopping experience, thank you!

  2. Lisa says:

    Glad to be of help, Mim! Hope the idea works for you.

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