Gift buying guide: teachers

With the end of the school term getting closer each day, many of us will be faced with the task of buying appropriate gifts for school teachers over the next few weeks.

Many of us won’t know our kids’ teachers that well and thus the question of what to give may not be easy to answer. Having been a teacher in a past life, I thought I might offer some insight into this sometimes tricky task.

Lisa’s Top Picks for Teacher Gifts

1. Consumables!

Food is usually well received. Chocolates, lollies, biscuits, puddings, cakes are all good choices. It is probably a good idea to try to find out if the teacher has any allergies or particular dislikes, but if you haven’t got time for that, don’t worry! The great thing about food is that it can be shared. If a gift is received that is not to the teacher’s taste it can be shared with the other staff or the teacher’s family members. If the standard food items don’t take your fancy you can be a bit more inventive with fruit baskets, cheese platters, jams and chutneys or a home-made hamper. Gourmet coffee or speciality teas are great choices too.

Other consumables that make great presents are soaps, bath oils, body lotions and shower gels. Stationery, pens, pencils and other office supplies can be good too. I once received a very cute memory stick from a student, which I loved! Fresh flowers are another good choice, although once again check for allergies first.

2. Vouchers.

Gift vouchers are a great idea, but you do need to be a bit careful here. Sometimes teachers live far away from their workplace so if you give a voucher for a local business it may not be as useful as you’d hoped. For instance, buying movie tickets for a cinema near the school may not be the best choice unless you know the teacher lives locally. Vouchers from bigger chains that will be accepted in a number of locations are probably the best idea. Don’t be afraid to think outside the square.  One teacher I know was given a voucher for a coffee once a week at a local cafe. This present was very well received indeed!

3 Practical items

Tea towels, towels, face washers, hand towels, etc

You could make up themed hampers using a combination of the above categories, for example a Summer Fun Pack, containing sunscreen, body lotion, face mist and a beach towel.

What not to give

1. Ornaments.

Everyone has different taste. If the ornament you give is not to the teacher’s taste it is just clutter for them to store or get rid of.

2. Photos of your child.

3. Very expensive gifts.

Most teachers really appreciate a small token of your appreciation. They do not expect expensive gifts, and many will feel uncomfortable if  you go over the top.

Happy shopping!


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  1. jackie13 says:

    LOL…. I guess the poster size photo of my son is not a goer then…. I thought she would appreciate it! 🙂

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