TGIF – end of another busy week.

Yes, it’s Friday, and for many of us that signifies the end of the working week. Yay! but before we open that wine, kick off those shoes or settle into that comfy sofa, let’s have a quick think about Monday morning.

How’s your Monday shaping up?  Are you getting stressed just thinking about it? Right now is the time to do a few things that will make Monday morning so much easier!

At Work

Tidy your desk before you leave tonight. File your paperwork and clear away any rubbish. You’ll thank yourself on Monday morning, I promise.

Check your diary now and make a quick To Do list, prioritising your tasks for next week.

Leave with a clear conscience!

At Home

Get the kids to empty their lunch boxes and  drink bottles. Wash and dry, ready for the new week.

Put uniforms in the wash tonight. Avoid the Sunday night rush.

Check the take away menu file for something easy and delicious for dinner!

Enjoy the weekend!


About Lisa Ireland

Women's Fiction Author
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