Sunday checklist…planning ahead for the week.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. I’ve had a particularly lazy morning, doing little more than eating a late breakfast and reading the Sunday papers. I’m now sitting at my desk jotting down my Sunday list of chores. I have a few small tasks that I do each Sunday. These little jobs take only a few minutes each out of my weekend but having them done helps my weekdays go smoothly. Today I thought I’d share my list with you.

1. Check diary for the coming week. Discuss school pick up/drop offs with my partner and the kids. Enter any changes from the norm into my diary and have the kids do the same (I do Little Kid’s for him!)

Total time – 5 minutes

2. Plan the week’s meals and write a corresponding shopping list. There are all sorts of great planing tools available for this. I use a printed shopping list (that came free with my favourite magazine!) and scribble the meal plan on the back. This is not terribly scientific but it works for me. I take the list to the supermarket and that way I can adjust meal plans as I shop if necessary (for instance when a particular ingredient is unavailable.)

Total time – 20 mins.

3. Make sure all uniforms are washed, dried and ironed. (Partner irons uniforms on Sunday night – how’s that for delegation skills!?) This task shouldn’t take long because I wash uniforms on Friday night, therefore this is just a double-check to make sure there’s not errant school socks hiding in the bottom of sports bags.

Total time: 10 minutes (excluding the ironing)

4. Fill in Little Kid’s task list for the week. There no excuse for forgetting jobs when they’re written down and stuck in a highly visible place.

Total time – 5 mins.

That’s it I’m done! Time to get back to reading Maggie Alderson’s new novel.



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One Response to Sunday checklist…planning ahead for the week.

  1. Amanda R-S says:

    Ahhh – very helpful!

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