Simple entertaining ideas

The festive season is entertaining season in my house. Over the course of the Christmas/New Year period we host several parties and also have several guests staying with us.

I love entertaining and having my friends and family around, but I really do not love cooking. Over the years I’ve discovered some very simple entertaining ideas that even those of us with very limited culinary skills can execute with ease.

Here are my favourites.

1. BBQs make for great, easy entertaining. (Especially if, like me, your partner is a wiz on the barbie!) No need to get fancy – we have often had sausage sizzles where we have offered different types of sausages and one other alternative, like barbequed chicken thighs.

2. If you are always the host for a particular event, ask others to share the load by bringing a plate of food to share. This cuts down the work considerably and allows everyone to enjoy the event.

3. Keep it simple. Most people over cater. There’s no need to offer several choices for each course. Don’t attempt difficult dishes that you haven’t made before. Here are a couple of simple dessert recipes that have gone down very well at our house:

Fruit skewers – strawberries/watermelon/marshmallows threaded onto wooden skewers. If you want to get fancy, melt some high quality chocolate, which can be poured over individual skewers. Easy, peasy!

Pavola nests – buy from the supermarket. Fill with freshly whipped cream and an assortment of berries. These look great on the table and are incredibly simple.

Have fun!




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