Five Step Organising Challenge – Step 3

Sort and purge!

Here’s the advice from AAPO for this step:

 STEP THREE: Sort & Purge – Sort your items into categories like Keep, Sell, Donate, Trash, Recycle, Repair. Dispose of the items you no longer need responsibly. Group items that belong together or perform similar purposes for quick referral & ease of use.

My kitchen utility drawer houses all my knives, tongs and then an assortment of pens, pencils, glue, tools and other odds and ends.  As you will remember from my before photo, I had dividers separating the tongs and knives from all the other stuff. That worked OK but the “other stuff” was out of control and threatened to take over the drawer.

After cleaning the drawer I replaced dividers put all the knives and tongs back in. I knew that these were all “keepers”. Everything else went into a large container.

It didn’t take long to sort through the container. Lots of things went straight into the rubbish bin – broken pencils, dried up markers and a number of other useless or broken odds and ends.

Once I’d thrown away all rubbish it was easy to sort the other items into groups.  I ended up with pens and pencils, tools, rubber bands and paper clips, and a group containing glue and sticky tape. I placed each group into a snap lock bag to keep them together until I was ready to put them back in the drawer.

After that I measured the space I had available in the drawer for new containers. Next step is to buy the containers and place them in the drawer. Keep an eye out for Step Four!

Don’t forget if you have an organising project you need help with I’d be happy to offer some advice.


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